The transfersgreece website is managed by ZORPIDIS TOURISM ORGANISATION COMMERCIAL S.A., mark designation ZORPIDIS INCOMING, VAT No 094489741, S.A. Taxation Office of THESSALONIKI. The company is seated in Thessaloniki under Greek National Tourism Organisation (EOT) Tourism Enterprise Registry (MITE) permit number 0933E6000000098500.

The use of this website, the completion of bookings and the purchase of the services offered by transfersgreece are subject to the terms below. The use of this website and any booking or purchase of services from the transfersgreece company requires knowledge and unreserved acceptance of the following terms of use.

The company, as a tourism agency and manager of this website, acts as an mediator with the providers of each tourism service. For the best possible service, it is recommended you that consult the general terms of use of each provider.

Website use
As a prerequisite for using this website, you guarantee that:
1) You are at least 18 years of age.
2) You have the legal capacity to conclude binding legal obligations.
3) You will use this website in accordance with these Terms of Use.
4) You will use this website only to complete lawful bookings for you or a third party for whom you are lawfully authorised to act.
5) You will inform any third party of the terms of use that apply to the bookings you are making on their account, including all applicable rules.
6) All the information you enter into this website is true, accurate, valid and complete.
The website manager reserves the right, at his or her absolute discretion, to refuse access to any person to this website and the services provided, at any time and for any reason in the case of infringement of the specific general terms of use. Users are responsible for observing the terms imposed by each provider.

The booking completed by users through the special booking form of the transfersgreece website, as well as every booking completed either by telephone or at the company's offices entails an explicit order to transfersgreece to mediate for the provision of the travel services offered by each provider. The booking order is binding for users in all cases.
Users can also complete bookings through the website for excursions. Excursions shall take place provided a minimum of 15 individuals participate. Should this minimum number of 15 individuals not be achieved, the excursion shall be cancelled.
Transfersgreece will always try to contact users at the contact information submitted (telephone number, e-mail address) if there are any changes in the services offered, provided transfersgreece has been notified by each provider in a timely manner.
Transfersgreece shall bear no liability whatsoever in the case of withdrawn, delayed and cancelled flights or other travel services and products offered by the provider.

Booking confirmation
Upon completing a booking through the transfersgreece website, users will receive a booking confirmation e-mail from transfersgreece or directly from the provider.
The user is obligated to IMMEDIATELY check the correctness of the confirmation data (name, address, destination, etc.) and notify transfersgreece of any errors or omissions as soon as possible and, in any case, on the same calendar day of the entry. Errors reported after the expiry of the working day during which the booking was entered by the user shall be disregarded.
The company shall make every possible effort to correct any errors, but cannot guarantee in any case that it is possible to correct an error without cost, even following valid notification by the user. It is also noted that late reporting of errors or impossibility of correction of errors does not give rise in any case to a right of withdrawal from the contract.
For better service, we recommend that you have your identity card or travel document you will use to travel in hand and to enter your information by consulting said document.
After you have received the confirmation e-mail, the company will proceed with checking your booking, i.e. that your booking was entered correctly into the provider's booking system and that your payment can be processed and completed without problems.
The company will forward any 'special requests' related to any product (e.g. meals, facilities for disabled persons, child seats, etc.) to each provider, but cannot guarantee that these will be fulfilled. Users must confirm that their requests can be fulfilled by contacting each provider.

Dispatch of tickets and other travel documents
Tickets are sent to users as electronic tickets (e-tickets) via e-mail to the e-mail addresses entered during the booking process.
Throughout the duration of the services provided, users must bear all the necessary documents that confirm their booking and identity.

The fee of transfersgreece for mediation is included in the total price of the service or product offered.
Transfersgreece  is notified of the prices of travel products and services by each provider and bears no liability for price changes effected by providers.
Transfersgreece is not responsible for any booking duties imposed by each provider in the case of a cancelled trip or service provision. These duties are exclusively burdened by users.
Bookings that are NOT directly completed through the website may be subject to different pricing.

Payment methods
  • Payment via credit or debit card in the system
  • Prepaid card
  • PayPal
Should payment take place via bank deposit, a 24-hour deadline is provided for the deposit of the entire amount. In the case of payment via bank deposit, users are responsible for notifying the transfersgreece company as soon as possible.
Before the complete payment of the price, the company is under no obligation to forward the tickets or other travel documents to users. In any case, the customer's obligation to pay the price for the services or products ordered in full remains.
The transfersgreece company may, at its own discretion, ask users to submit proof of their residential address or a copy of their credit card or a bank account deposit slip via FAX before the final issuance of the ticket.

Cancellations - changes
Transfersgreece is a mediator of tourism products or services and, therefore, bears no responsibility whatsoever for providing the possibility of changes or cancellations, as the terms are set by each provider of tourism products or services.
All the information concerning your ability to cancel or change your booking are available on the website throughout the duration of the booking process, as well as in the confirmation e-mail, but you are responsible for familiarising yourselves with the specific terms of use of providers regarding cancellations and changes.
Any cost that may be incurred in the case of a change or cancellation of tourism products or services shall exclusively burden the user.
Should users wish to change a tourism product or service, they must notify transfersgreece in writing so that the latter can examine the issue to see whether or not the change in question can be effected and what the additional cost may be.
After issuance, cancellations take place in accordance with the terms set by providers.
Charges for the process of cancellation of a tourism product or service are as follows:
  • Users are not entitled to cancellation refunds if they cancel their flights for reasons attributable to them or to a third party (e.g. if they miss their flight or if their flight is delays).
  • In the case of cancellation due to force majeure, the cost of the service (commission) and any credit card expenses or other surcharges are not refunded.
  • When the cancellation or change takes place for reasons attributable to the supplier, users are not financially burdened by the provider.

Withdrawal right under Law 2251/1994
In accordance with the Law 2251/1994 on the 'Protection of Consumers', as in force at any given time, and, more specifically, as regards the provisions governing the remote conclusion of contracts (e.g. online or by telephone), the following, inter alia, are expressly exempted from the right of withdrawal within the meaning of the law in question: passenger transport services, accommodation provision services, car rental services, etc. if the contract provides for a specific date or deadline of execution. As such, all travel services and transport services available through the transfersgreece website are subject to this exemption.

Obligations - Responsibilities of the company
Transfersgreece has the obligation to mediate in the best possible manner between customers and the providers of each product. Having exhausted every possibility of provision and care, the company is not obligated for erroneous actions and omissions by third parties and associates, as well as emergencies such as cancellations, delays and changes of itineraries of means of transport (e.g. aeroplanes) due to the exclusion of regions because of terrorist activities, strikes and other causes.

Amendment - Renewal of General Terms
Transfersgreece reserves the right to amend and/or renew the above terms of business at any time, without the obligation to notify users to this effect.

Applicable Law
Any dispute arising from the provision of a tourism product or service to users shall be governed by Greek Law and the Courts of Thessaloniki shall have jurisdiction.