Mount Athos Cruise


When it comes to national treasures, Mount Athos is right up there with the Acropolis in Athens. Halkidiki’s easternmost peninsula is the world’s one and only monastic republic, ruled over by the black-robed monks of its medieval monasteries. As such access to it is restricted, with all women-and female animals except cats, forbidden to set foot on its shores. All of which makes this cruise the best way to see it. Sit back and soak up the sun as your boat sails along the peninsula, giving you close up views over the monasteries which are literally perched on the cliffs. It’s a fascinating glimpse into the monk’s secret world. And you can’t miss Mount Athos or Holy Mountain, rising up just over 2.000 meters from peninsula’s southern tip. Later the boat will arrive to Ouranoupolis, where you will have free time before sailing.